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Feedback and Suggestions

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Feyzi    1

This forum is for feedback about the community.

Did we fuck up?
Has staff wronged you?
Did you love a new feature we added?
Want to see something new?


Don't hold back on posting "because it might offend staff" We don't care, The only way for a community grow and become better is to accept feedback the community has and improve on it. So don't hold back, You will not be punished for providing valid feedback. Of course, if you use your feedback to attack the community or members you will be given warning points. So here are a few rules to keep section clean


  1. Do not use feedback to attack staff/members, if a member of staff has stepped out of line, maturely post what the member of staff did how it affected members and how they/we could improve.
  2. This section is not to start a petition to have a something you want to be added/removed/changed. 
  3. Suggestions must be logically possible.
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